Super Storm Sandy

DRFUS Responds to Superstorm Sandy

In December 2012, the management team of DRFUS was approached by a family that had been displaced from Sandy and was looking for an affordable rental home. Over the past two years, DRFUS has, among other things, moved this family into two rental homes, secured various donations on their behalf, introduced them to Project Hope (where they are receiving much needed services), and provided them a bridge-loan to rebuild their home in Long Beach, NY.

Beginning October 2013, DRFUS’ team continued doing Sandy related work under a new source of funding, The American Red Cross. Throughout the first six months of the American Red Cross grant, the team was able to serve more than 50 disability related families suffering from Sandy by providing: rental assistance, new exercise equipment, hearing aids, wheelchairs (both electric and hand powered), ramps, lifts, elevators, mortgage payment assistance, clothing, household goods, gift certificates, rental homes, household repairs, and other needs. In July 2014, The American Red Cross announced that they would renew the grant for an additional year, which will allow DRFUS the ability to continue its response efforts through the end of September 2015.

DRFUS has been able to utilize its lending capital to help Sandy Survivors return home through the DRFUS “Sandy Bridge-Loan” program. DRFUS conceived the “Sandy Bridge-Loan” program after assessing the needs of Survivors navigating the New York Rising Single-Family Homeowners Program. In September 2014, DRFUS made the first-ever “Sandy Bridge-Loan” on Long Island to a family of six recovering from the Superstorm. DRFUS has been providing this family with Technical Assistance since 2012, and is happy to say that the family was able to return to their home within two months of our loan disbursement.


To learn more about how you can be involved in supporting the long-term economic development of communities recovering from Superstorm Sandy, please contact Harry Tucker, Director of Sandy Response at 516-465-3741 or